Top Tips for Creating the Perfect “Home for Christmas


The holiday season is coming quickly, and designer and influencer content is filled with Christmas transformations. And while perfectly decorated trees will never go out of style, there’s so much more to Christmas decorating than decor alone. 

So follow along for top tips to fully incorporate the essence of the holidays into your home’s winter refresh. 
1. Consider the Furniture Layout
Christmas decorating usually fills your space more than the rest of your seasonal decor. Trees, gifts, garlands, and fireplace mantles make your space full and merry– but it often strains your seating arrangements.

When moving around your furniture, think about the following:

The natural focal point of your seating arrangement. Position seating towards your tree or other focal points to maximize the effect. 
The flow of conversation for family and friends. Is there a clear line of sight for chatting and gift exchanging?
Beware condensing the lines of the room. Avoid pushing furniture against walls as much as possible– you’ll quickly strip your space of contrast!

2. Make a Cohesive Design Story
Christmas design is more than red, green, and gold (although you can never go wrong with the classics!). Your home will feel more relaxing and natural if your Christmas decor can tell a story with your existing pieces and colors. 

You can:

Use your existing color palette to inform your ornament choices. From minimalist neutrals to bold eclectic, your tree can match your home. 
Match Christmas decor shapes to your home’s style profile. For example, a sleek Scandinavian design will make the most of minimalist geometric ornaments.
Spread holiday accent colors throughout your other decor. If you love a classic red and green Christmas, work those colors into your textiles, books, and artwork for a cohesive space!

3. Create a New Style Profile
The holidays offer an excellent opportunity to play with new designs without abandoning your statement pieces. You can make a massive impact with new rugs, pillows and throws, and highlighting new colors and shapes– without remodeling or painting!

Here are a few popular Christmas style trends you’ll see this year:

Soft Boho styles are in full swing, with neutral palettes, macrame in holiday designs, and simple, cozy textures.
Modern rustic designs bring chunky, natural elements to a hearty, warm Christmas gathering. 
Embrace the Maximalist trends by filling the available space with all your favorite things. Perfect for the season of comfort and joy.

Will You “Be Home for Christmas”?

Buying a new home is an exciting but stressful experience– especially with the unpredictable market we’re experiencing. But don’t let holiday home-buying dampen the Christmas spirit! 

Working with an experienced Realtor can save you time and money and get you into that perfect home for the holidays. So contact Jordan Glaser today for a hassle-free home-buying experience in the Toronto area!